Technical Management

  • Full technical support and advice through professional marine engineers and superintendents
  • Regular surveys to ships and performance reporting
  • On-line access to ships’ reports and performances
  • Constant control of vessel’s status, performance and operational aspects
    • statutory and class certification
    • hull, machinery and systems condition monitoring
    • analysis of ship’s speed and fuel oil consumption
  • Planning and management of:
    • hull and machinery maintenance
    • major repairs and upgrading
    • drydocking
    • special projects
  • Availability of dedicated Flying Squads to provide effective troubleshooting and professional overhauls/repair


Safety, Quality, Environment and Risk Management

  • Proprietary safety management system and risk analysis procedures ensuring:
    • Identification, evaluation and prevention of damages and accident
    • Flawless compliance with IMO ISM / ISPS codes; ISO standards; third party’s requirements
    • New Rules upgrading
  • Regular ships’ inspections and vetting by independent safety inspectors
  • Evaluation of vetting, safety and quality reports for further review and action



  • Set-up of ship’s budget in coordination with clients’ administration and finance department
  • Monitoring of running costs and other expenditures against budget
  • Accurate tracking of financial commitments
  • Detailed financial reporting
  • Cash flow forecast in advance of actual receipt of invoices
  • Accounting system customizable to meet individual client’s needs


Procurement & Logistics

  • Cost-effective procurement of store, consumables, parts and services
  • Frame contracts with leading suppliers
  • Access to excellent credit facilities
  • Owners benefit from lowest purchasing prices thanks to SeaQuest’s transparent and ethical policy
  • Spares and stores at the right place, time and cost, worldwide


Insurance Claims Handling

  • Support to Clients in providing insurance covers and policies at competitive rates, terms and conditions with top security (H&M, Disbursement/Interests, Loss of Hire, MII, War, K&R, P&I, Defence, etc.)
  • Access to leading Marine Insurance Brokers 
  • Support to clients in minimizing risks and ensuring the most effective handling and settlement of claims


Crew Management

SeaQuest recognizes the importance of establishing the strictest relation between the Ship-owner and the seafarers.
For such reason, we established our own crewing arm, under the brand Kvarner Crewing Services, and recommend our clients to employ the seafarers recruited by Kvarner.

Kvarner Crewing Services has recruitment offices in Rijeka (Croatia) and Manila (Philippines) in partnership with Elburg Shipmanagement Phils. Inc.
Kvarner Crewing Services works in close coordination with long-lasting partners’ recruitment offices in Ukraine and  Montenegro.
If requested, Romanian, Indian, Chinese and Burmese seafarers are available from selected partners’ recruiting offices.
We also recruit Italian seafarers and manage Italian flag vessels through the Genoa service centre.

A growing pool of 600+ seafarers of varied nationalities is rotated on SeaQuest managed vessels:  all of them clearly recognize the Ship-owner and SeaQuest as their employers.
In Q3/2016 the Officers Retention Rate in company’s rosters was 93%.

  • Goals:
    • to provide reliable and committed officers and ratings
    • to build up close relationship between onboard personnel and office staff
    • to consolidate our pool of seafarers and maximize the retention rate
    • to continuously assess, monitor and improve our seafarers' competency and performance, through a computerized Competence Management System (CMS)
  • Services:
    • Selection and recruitment of seafarers
    • Provision of in-house officer and crew training facilities at our Manila office, through our joint venture office with a renowned local partner and RINA training centre
    • Monitoring and improvement of seafarers' competency and performance through computerized CMS
    • Roster management
    • Payroll management
    • Training and evaluation
    • Travel management
    • Recruiting offices and agents network in key countries
    • Special skills and expertise available whenever required
  • Recruiting offices:
    • Kvarner Crewing Services, Rijeka, Croatia
    • Kvarner Elburg Crewing Services, Manila, Philippines


Commercial & Operation

  • Post fixing
  • Safe and efficient operation of the vessels in respect of planned itineraries, time schedule, cargoes and contracts/charters
  • Constant communication with ships' masters, charterers, brokers, port agents and suppliers
  • Issuance of voyage instructions
  • Provision of bunker fuels
  • Appointment of port agents and stevedores
  • Preparation of budget for port expenses
  • Management of Disbursement Accounts
  • Specific support to the Clients in the management of the Charter Party
  • Post-fixture and collections
  • Marine and cargo handling advisory services
  • Full support to Sale & Purchase of the vessels


Maritime Consultancy

Technical services:

  • Pre-purchase inspections and audits
  • Drydocking supervision
  • Vessel technical surveys
  • Implementation of Planned Maintenance programs
  • ISM / ISO implementations

New building project management:

Our sister company, SeaQuest Marine Project Management Ltd provides a full range of project management and consulting services for shipbuilding and conversion projects:

  • Conceptual Ship Design
  • Specification Writing and Review
  • Design evaluation and Comparison
  • Shipyard Appraisal and Selection
  • Technical Negotiations
  • Contract Review
  • Manufacturers Selection
  • Plan Approval
  • New Building Supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Guarantee Support
  • Owner Representation
  • Conversion Supervision